Party Secretary Xu Ying Conducted a Special Research on Low-carbon Development
Mayor Zhou Bin Inspects Covid-19 Control, Safety, and Other work During the National Day Holiday
To Make Yancheng a Magnet for Young Talents in the Central Area of the Yangtze River Delta
KK-PARK Opened to the Public
Commemorative Event Held to Pay Homage to Revolutionary Martyrs
The 5th Meeting of China-South Korea (Yancheng) Industrial Park Development Coordination Group is He...
The First Baby Cranes in Yancheng Succeed in Flying this Year
BYD power battery Yancheng base Phase I is Completed and Phase II is started
The 2022 “Good Autumn Scenery in Yancheng”Cultural Tourism Season is Launched
Economic Development Preferential Policy Industrial Parks
Scenic Spots Specialties Travel Agencies
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Mayor Zhou Bin Curriculun Vitae
Yancheng City is the largest city in area of Jiangsu Province and the second in population.Yancheng City now has a completed urban area of 147 square kilometers,the City of Yancheng is one of the 13 cities under the direct administration of Jiangsu Province. It is also a major coastal city of Jiangsu Province,Yancheng City is entitled one of ten cities for lung health in China. Yancheng City i... [more]
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Address: Room 1322, No.19, Shiji Ave,Yancheng City,Jiangsu Province
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