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J.P. McManus

J.P. McManus, the best forex trader, was born in Limerick. His business career began at his family's construction plant hire firm. Later he was to become an on-course bookmaker at Limerick's greyhound track, which further moved on to horse ownership and racing. Loved by racing fans, McManus is famous for his huge bets, although he never admits to placing them, usually describing them as "little". He also became a proficient backgammon player. He remains to some of is fans as something of an enigma. Read on to know more about J.P. McManus and his life.

He has a private office in Geneva, Switzerland from where he oversees his Forex trades. A considerable part of his wealth, though not all, appears to have been derived form this business. He admits to currencies being his specialty and his bets on currencies are bank-scale. Always following the advice of his good friends Dermot Desmond and Joe Lewis, he has a broad portfolio of investments from leisure centers. He is also a shareholder in Ladbrokes.


The soubriquet word "legend" is well justified with McManus. The man, known as "J P" or “the Sundance Kid", throughout Ireland, really deserves the status of being legendary.

Working in his dad's plant-hire business in down-at-heel rural west Ireland, becoming a bookmaker who went broke not once but twice and then went on to gamble his way to a fortune, makes him really unique. Composed, calm and yet calculating, McManus is blessed with a sharp mathematical brain. Although he is fantastically rich but he is careful with his money.


McManus built up a 28.89 per cent shareholding in Manchester United F.C., together with business associate John Magnier. They later sold it on to businessman Malcolm Glazer. McManus set up 'Sporting Limerick' which sponsors Limerick GAA teams, in 200. According to the latest Sunday Times Rich List, J P McManus is worth £240m, making him the 14th wealthiest person in Ireland.


He is also a dedicated golfer and a close friend of Tiger Woods and two-time winner of the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship pairs competition.