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Bill Lipschutz


Bill Lipschutz was born and brought up in Farmingdale, New York. Earning outstanding grades throughout his school, he showed great interest in maths. With a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts, he enrolled in business classes and earned an MBA in finance in 1982 from Cornell and the Johnson School of Management, simultaneously. Read on to know more about Bill Lipschutz.

Lipschutz’ career in forex trading may have started by accident. While at Cornell University, he inherited $12,000 worth of stock after the death of his grandmother. There were over 100 diverse stocks in several locations and it cost him a considerable sum in fees in order to liquidate and merge the risk capital into one spot. This was probably his first brush with the forex trading world.


While still in school, he started to invest the risk capital in his free time. Spending hours in the library, researching and reading everything possible regarding the forex market, his interest in financial trading only got fueled. His portfolio in due course grew close to $250,000. However, one bad decision was enough to blow away this success which was short-lived. Not discouraged by this loss, Bill Lipschutz looked at it as a valuable learning experience, which he was to apply to any future investments. His interest in the stock trading continued to grow and he pursues it with success, leaving his architectural degree behind. He met his wife, Lynelle Jones, during the time spent at Cornell.


In 1982, Lipschutz worked for Kaufman and Salomon Brothers before he graduated and later joined Salomon Brothers as a full time employee. While with the Salomon Brothers, Lipschutz was asked to be a part of the newly formed forex trading department. Creating a team of their brightest traders, Salomon Brothers came up with a workable plan for learning forex trading. The boom in the forex markets roughly came at about the same time Salomon Brothers were jumping into the market. Lipschutz  was soon to become a powerhouse with the Philadelphia Stock Exchange, where the majority of forex trading took place.

At the crest of his trading career, Bill Lipschutz had nearly half of all the currency option volume on the Philadelphia Stock Exchange and 80% of all open interest option. He was considered to be amongst the top five of all forex traders worldwide, pulling in $300 million per year for Salomon Brothers.


In June 1990, Lipschutz left Salomon Brothers’ proprietary foreign exchange account and was appointed a Director of Salomon Brothers, heading the Global Foreign Exchange Options Group and the New York Foreign Exchange Trading Desk. In 1989 he was named the Managing Director and Global Head of Foreign Exchange. Then in 1991 he founded Rowayton Capital Management, an asset and management firm. Currency trading was becoming bigger and more profitable than bonds or stocks.

Even at this very moment while you're reading this article, Bill Lipschutz is probably either trading or watching the markets.